TKT31 Central Battery Systems

IP 20
EN 50171

TKT31 series is an easy and inexpensive solution, for when you want to supply a relatively small number of luminaires in a limited area. The series also is suitable for premises, where the central battery system can be decentralized to several independent areas.

TKT3122 has 4 output circuits.

Technical data:

  • input voltage 230 VAC
  • output voltage main supply 24 VAC
  • output voltage battery supply 24 VDC
  • battery voltage 24 V is formed by two 12 V batteries connected in series
  • TKT3122 has 4 output circuits
  • max 20 luminaires per circuit

Non-addressable 24 V Central Battery Systems

Product CodeNominal Supply VoltageNumber of Output CircuitsMax Load of Circuits (VA)
TKT31221~ N/PE 220-240 VAC, 50 Hz4 x 120 VA / W