WebCM Central Monitoring System / WebACM Central Monitoring Software


With the help of WebCM system the central battery system can be centrally controlled in the network, regardless of the location. The system includes a Web module, which is connected in the central battery system. Each central battery system has an IP address and a normal web browser functions as the user interface.

In its basic form, the system displays the status of the central battery systems and the connected luminaires, as well as the test log book. The user may also run luminaire and battery tests.

WebCM is available for addressable central battery systems in TKT65, TKT66, TKT67 and TKT68 series. The system does not require a separate software, a PC or a multimedia device with a web browser is sufficient.


WebCM & webACM system description

  • WebCM/ACM Interface connection with CAT 5/6 cable



WebACM functions via Ethernet TCP/IP. WebACM software enables the placement of luminaires and central battery systems on the buildings layout drawing.

WebACM needs Java supported software and PC with Internet connection. In fault situations, WebCM and WebACM send a notification automatically to e mail addresses specified by the user. Both can control centrally several addressable central battery systems and addressable luminaires.

Both include control of tests, test log, central battery system status, various user levels and the login with a user name and password. WebACM system can be connected to a BACnet building automation system.

Product CodeProduct NameCompatible Product Groups
TST2431ACM PC software TST2431TKT24 - Addressable Central Battery System
TST7561WebACM PC Software TST7561TKT75C Central Battery Systems, TKT76C Central Battery Systems , TKT77C Central Battery Systems , TKT78C Central Battery Systems
TST6526WebACM Interface TST6526TKT65C Central Battery Systems
TST6626WebACM Interface TST6626TKT66C Central Battery Systems
TST6726WebACM Interface TST6726TKT67C Central Battery Systems
TST6826WebACM Interface TST6826TKT68C Central Battery Systems
TST5161WebACM PC Software TST5161Addressable 230 V Central Battery Systems, TKT65C Central Battery Systems, TKT66C Central Battery Systems, TKT67C Central Battery Systems, TKT68C Central Battery Systems
TST5181WebACM software with BACnet interface TST5181
TST5142BACnet additional interface TST5142
TST6724WebCM Interface TST6724TKT67C Central Battery Systems
TST6824WebCM Interface TST6824TKT68C Central Battery Systems
TST6624WebCM Interface TST6624TKT66C Central Battery Systems
TST6524WebCM Interface TST6524TKT65C Central Battery Systems

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