Smart Main Lighting

Teknoware is a global leader in smart lighting. Active and intelligent lighting control is not just about wowing passengers; there are very real economic reasons for it, enabling train owners to reduce their lighting energy consumption by up to 50%.

Our wide array of LED light solutions come in all kinds of different sizes and can be selected in ways that suit direct or indirect systems — or a combination of the two. When we are planning the solution with you, lighting control can be assigned to you or the end client depending on the situation. Train interior light designs are supported by efficient 3D modelling, light-level simulations, rapid 3D-printed prototypes and full-scale train mock-ups.

We also bear in mind the effect that lighting can have on travel comfort and experienced temperature. Our lighting aligns with EU regulations relating to photobiological safety, and mood lighting and dimming based on the circadian rhythm is possible. 


Adjustable White Tones — LEDs can be selected with a light ranging from 3,000–5,000 K.

RGBW Colours — The colour tone can be adjusted depending on your needs.

Stepped or PWM Dimming Control — Choose which form of dimming you prefer.

Night Lights and Mood-Lighting Options — Ensure your lighting fits in seamlessly with the environment.

Emergency Lighting Option — Our integrated lighting solution can feature emergency lighting properties if needed.