Intelligent Controllers for Central Battery Systems

With Teknoware's Intelligent Controller (IC) the non-maintained emergency lights can be controlled with the help of freely selected voltage inputs. When the voltage from one or more fuse boxes voltage drops out, specified emergency lights switch on with AC voltage. Emergency lights can also be used as normal luminaires, which are controlled by a switch or by a sensor.

IC Input module includes:

  • 8 voltage inputs, each with its own galvanic separated L and N connectors
  • With DIP switch adjustable address

IC system consists of the following components:

  • TKT65C, TKT66C, TKT67C or TKT68C addressable Tapsa Control central battery system, addressable, K model emergency lights
  • TST8801, IC Input module (Max 31  pcs in one IC system)
  • TST6x5x, Lighting control interface for a central battery system (includes PC software)


Easy to program and install

System settings are programmed with a PC software during commissioning. Programming is saved in the memory of the central battery system. The PC is only required during the initial programming. Each input in the IC input module can be set to control any luminaire or luminaires, in the desired circuits.

In the system, also Logical switches can be programmed, in which groups are formed out of the inputs of IC Input Module, with the help of which the luminaires can be switched on and off. The single inputs and logical switches can be used inverted, i.e. the luminaire switches off when voltage comes into the input.

Product CodeProduct NameCompatible Products
TST8801IC Input Module TST8801
TST6752IC Interface TST6752TKT6716C
TST6753IC Interface TST6753TKT6724C
TST6754IC Interface TST6754TKT6732C
TST6755IC Interface TST6755TKT6740C
TST6756IC Interface TST6756TKT6748C
TST6757IC Interface TST6757TKT6756C
TST6851IC Interface TST6851TKT6808C
TST6852IC Interface TST6852TKT6816C
TST6853IC Interface TST6853TKT6824C
TST6651IC Interface TST6651TKT6608C
TST6652IC Interface TST6652TKT6616C
TST6653IC Interface TST6653TKT6624C
TST6551IC Interface TST6551TKT6508C
TST6552IC Interface TST6552TKT6516C
TST6553IC Interface TST6553TKT6524C

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