Ceiling and Partition Panels

Our ceiling panels are often made using a honeycomb structure that maximises strength while remaining lightweight and agile enough to meet any measurements or fittings required. Which material we choose depends on stiffness, strength and fire standards. We provide high-pressure laminates (HPL) bonded with aluminium to many major customers around the world. 

Since we can design both panelling and lighting together, we are able to integrate complex and aesthetically impressive complete systems. LED light panels can cover large areas of ceiling with a surface uniformity that does not cast a severe glare. We then incorporate these systems into complete constructions that hold supporting structures, air ducts, side ceiling panels and roof arches.


Comprehensive — Everything from lighting to panels and installation is designed and provided by Teknoware.

Sustainable — Lightweight ceiling panels make the vehicle lighter; this means fuel costs can be reduced and more passenger weight can be carried.

Safe Installation — Where necessary, ceiling installations can be made according to DIN 6701 certification to ensure A1 adhesive bonding. 


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Central Ceiling Systems

Complete Panel Light Ceiling

Ceiling Modules

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