Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is one of the most important safety systems in a vehicle: in critical situations, the system makes it possible to exit and evacuate the vehicle safely. Confidence is the basis of all emergency lighting. When we deliver emergency lighting, we provide confidence and reliability.

We have developed our emergency lighting control unit according to customer specifications and EU regulations (ECE R107), but our systems are designed to be used around the world. We are able to optimize the number of light units required and their positioning within the vehicle using our light level simulation software. We supply our emergency lighting systems with independent battery back-up Power Supply Units (PSUs) and a controller.


Designed to be used around the world - Developed according to customer specifications and country-specific and EU regulations (ECE R107).

Light level simulation - The number and positioning of the emergency light units can be optimized using our light level software.

Versatile options - The emergency lighting system can be integrated into the vehicle’s main lighting or you can choose our control system to control it with one unit.

Solution Examples

Exit Lights
Emergency Lights
Emergency Lighting System Integrated with
  • Main Lighting
  • Spotlights
  • Illuminated Exit Signs
  • Power Supply Units