BACnet Interface


If the central battery system has a BACnet module, it provides a direct interface to a building automation system. In BACnet integration, all the information of the central battery system, which is imported into BACnet as objects, are available.
Teknoware's interface is the BACnet module, which transmits the BACnet objects from the central battery system and the luminaires. Battery and luminaire tests can also be initiated in this way.
BACnet system is commonly used through a third party user interface.

Product CodeProduct NameCompatible Product Groups
TST6701BACnet Interface TST6701TKT67C Central Battery Systems
TST6823BACnet Interface TST6823TKT68C Central Battery Systems
TST6601BACnet Interface TST6601TKT66C Central Battery Systems
TST6501BACnet Interface TST6501TKT65C Central Battery Systems
BACnet system description

  • BACnet Interface with CAT 5/6 cable.

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