Interior Lighting

Lighting is an inconspicuous message of confidence and quality to the passenger. When we deliver interior lighting, we provide reliability that every passenger can feel. High-quality lighting sets the right mood on a journey and uniform interior lighting ensures a comfortable and relaxed environment.

We can provide you with interior lighting solutions designed according to the needs of you and your passengers. Our production chain is flexible because it is entirely under our control and we can adapt it to deliver whatever you order. If you want fast delivery, we also have a wide range of standard products in different shapes and sizes for direct or indirect main, spot and emergency lighting, as well as solutions for special purposes, including a smart wireless bell push system, among other things.


Integrated Main Lighting
  • Intelligent Lighting
Emergency Lighting
Special Applications
  • Lights for Demanding Conditions
  • Step and Guiding Lights
  • Night Lights
  • Service Units
  • Stop Signs                     
  • Wireless Bell Push Systems

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