With our versatile spotlight solutions, you can increase travel safety and comfort both day and night. You can use spotlights to implement main, spot, night and reading lights or even emergency lighting.

Our wide range of lenses and optics offers many options to suit a wide variety of applications and systems. Our adjustable spotlights are flexible and they can be directed to where the light is needed. They are available with different supply voltages and colour temperatures. By using different colour tones you can create the right mood to travel: uniform interior lighting ensures comfortable and relaxed travelling.

Key features

A wide range of lenses and optics - Many options to suit different kinds of applications and systems.

Adjustable light colour tone - The colour tone can be adjusted, for example, according to the time of day or outside temperature.

Stylish - Choose the colour of the framing to match the surrounding environment.

Different materials - A selection of frame materials, for example, polycarbonate or cast aluminium with different surfaces.

Versatile mounting options - Surface or recess mounting, spring or screw mounting.

Solution Examples

  • Main Lighting
  • Reading Lights
  • Spotlights
  • Night Lights
  • Emergency Lights