Emergency Lighting for Buildings

Confidence is the basis of all emergency lighting—reliable function is a given. For our customers, Confidence has a deeper meaning.  It defines unsurpassed trust in the quality of our products and the reliability of our service.

We are constantly working on improving the quality of our products and innovating new means and measures to improve the safety and reliability of various environments. Yet we maintain primary focus on the Confidence we bring to everyday functions. The inherent quality of our products is based on the unbreakable chain of production. From design to final delivery every part of the process is in our hands. When the product says "Teknoware", it is truly produced by us. We believe this has been, and remains to be, the key to our success. 

What is emergency lighting?

Emergency lighting is one of the most important safety systems in a building. Emergency lighting makes it possible to safely stop working and evacuate the building by following the exit lights in case of an emergency. Emergency lighting is a standalone backup system which does not rely on the functionality of the general electrical distribution system in the building. It must always be operational and ready for use.

Teknoware’s emergency lighting products

With more than 45 years of experience, Teknoware is one of the leading emergency lighting manufacturers, and has become a significant technological innovator of emergency lighting systems for buildings, ships and other locations. Our emergency lighting product range covers exit lights, emergency lights, central battery systems, emergency lighting monitoring systems and central monitoring softwares, control electronics, spare parts and much more.

Our own product development and manufacturing of both electronic units and end products always guarantees compatible and non-compromised solutions. To extremely challenging environments we can even design and build customized emergency lighting products and systems. Our customers benefit from our extensive expertise and experience.

Self-contained or centrally supplied system?

Emergency lighting can be implemented by two different methods: either with self-contained emergency lights, or with a centrally supplied emergency lighting system. Self-contained means, that the emergency lights contain their own backup power source such as a battery, and centrally supplied means, that the back up power source is a central battery unit. Teknoware offers a wide range of emergency lighting products from both categories, from individually packed self-contained luminaires for even the smallest of properties to centrally supplied and monitored systems consisting of several thousand emergency lighting components. Product designs vary from stylish high end designer emergency lighting components to robust emergency lighting components designed to withstand even the harshest and most challenging environments.

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Our emergency lighting products are designed and manufactured in Lahti, Finland. All our emergency lighting products meet the strict requirements of the European emergency lighting standards. Contact us by email, or browse this site, add products to you offer basket, and ask for a quotation.

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