Teknoware celebrates mothers around the world on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated around the world in May. Because Teknoware has offices in different countries, we will celebrate mothers at least in the UAE, Malaysia, USA, Poland, Sweden, UK and Finland. We asked some mothers working at Teknoware what motherhood means to them and what they expect from this special day.

Shirlyn, Malaysia: “Motherhood is an experience that I would never give up – not for all the money in the world”

Shirlyn Lau is a mother of four who works at our factory in Malaysia, Southeast Asia.   

Shirlyn describes her home as busy, because her children are aged from four to ten. Being a mother of small children is wonderful, but it also takes its toll: “Being a working mother is tough work. I feel like I am on duty 24/7. Luckily, Teknoware makes it less stressful for me, and my superior is flexible, for example, if my child is sick.” Shirly describes motherhood as an experience she would never give up, not for all the money in the world. “All the snuggles, laughter, and naughtiness will be cherished forever,” she says.

Shirlyn is looking forward to Mother’s Day, because her children will bring her cards and small handcrafted gifts from school. And on Sunday, Shirlyn does not have to worry about cooking, as her husband will take the whole family out for good food on Mother’s Day.


Lacy and Tammy from the USA: “Spending time together is the best thing about Mother’s Day”

Lacy Wills and Tammy Waugh work at the Teknoware factory in Conway, USA. Both of them have children, and Tammy also has two grandchildren. Naturally, motherhood is highly important to both Lacy and Tammy. Both of them love watching their children grow and being part of their lives. “My goal is to give good guidance to my kid for the future,” Lacy says. Tammy’s kids are older and have already moved away from home. She appreciates spending time together with her children and grandchildren: “On Mother’s Day, all of my kids come to my house, and we eat and enjoy each other’s company. I have a daughter, three sons and two grandchildren.” Lacy’s Mother’s Day traditions include a picnic in State Park with the whole family, including grandparents. (Left Lacy and right Tammy.)

Mothers in Poland: “Motherhood gives purpose to life”

Mother’s Day is celebrated in May in Poland, too. Seven mothers who work at our factory in Poland shared their thoughts on motherhood and Mother’s Day: Dagmara Kawalec, Edyta Biskupek, Marta Bernadyn, Magdalena Kołosowska, Marta Juszko, Beata Paturej and Dorota Lewandowska. 

These women have 13 children in total, so their experience covers children of all ages. They describe motherhood as life-altering, especially in the early days of motherhood: “The first steps and the first words gave a new meaning to my life, I was now a mother and responsible for someone else.” The women cherish the time they spend with their children. Over the years, the relationship can turn into friendship if the children have shared interests with their mother.

The mothers interviewed at Teknoware Poland admit that motherhood can also be challenging. Teknoware is a flexible employer that understands that families with children are sometimes faced with unexpected and difficult situations. “Despite the difficulties, being a mother is the best thing that can happen to you,” the women say.

All the seven mothers are looking forward to Mother’s Day. Traditionally, Polish mothers receive flowers, small gifts and cards. The mothers also appreciate how kind and helpful the children are towards their mother on Mother’s Day. (A photograph of the Polish mothers. Top row from left to right: Dagmara Kawalec, Edyta Biskupek, Marta Juszko and Magdalena Kołosowska. Bottom row from left to right: Marta Bernadyn, Beata Paturej and Dorota Lewandowska.)

Milla from Finland: “Motherhood has taught me a lot”

The newest mother we interviewed lives in Finland. Milla Rouhelo gave birth to her baby boy about a year ago. She says that becoming a mother brought a lot of joy and changes to her life: “The beginning was tough at times. I was sleep-deprived and learning the new routines. I have definitely learned to appreciate good sleep.” Milla feels like motherhood has taught her a lot, and watching her son grow and develop makes her happy and full of love.

Milla says that her workplace and colleagues were very supportive when she became a mother: “Everyone congratulated me at work, and I started my maternity leave in good spirits.” Milla has kept contact with her colleagues also during her maternity leave.

The new mother has mixed feelings about her second Mother’s Day. Milla’s own mother passed away last year and will not be there to celebrate this special day. However, Milla is grateful for having spent Mother’s Day together with her last year. “This year, we will celebrate Mother’s Day with my husband’s parents. We will enjoy the outdoors and go to a restaurant together. I’m sure we’ll have a lovely time,” Milla sums up.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers at Teknoware and elsewhere!

Mother’s Day at Teknoware

UK 27 March 2022

Finland, the USA and Malaysia 8 May 2022

The United Arab Emirates 10 May 2022

Poland 26 May 2022

Sweden 29 May 2022