New solar power plant at Teknoware's Lahti factory

In cooperation with Solarigo, a solar power plant was installed on the roof of Teknoware's Lahti factory in October 2023. The power plant is expected to provide approximately 20 per cent of the building's future energy needs with solar power-generated electricity

Teknoware are experts when it comes to lighting. The company manufactures intelligent and long-lasting lighting and interior solutions for trains, buses and trams for the world's leading rolling stock manufacturers, as well as emergency lighting solutions for buildings and ships around the world.

- It is very important to us that our products are at the cutting edge of current technology and meet our customers' needs," states Kai Kauto, CEO of Teknoware.

Sustainability and environmental issues are at the forefront of our discussions. Consequently, sustainability issues are being taken into account in daily decisions at Teknoware.

- Sustainability and environmental issues are playing an increasingly important role in our customers' purchasing decisions as well as our own. We try to find suitable solutions that are both environmentally sustainable and make financial sense for the company," Kauto explains.

In line with the company’s sustainability strategy, Teknoware monitors and measures its progress in this area as well as the impact of its actions. We are constantly seeking new ideas and solutions both near and far.

- When we were looking at our energy use, it was great to realise the potential of producing electricity from solar energy to meet our needs, both easily and close by—on the roof of our own factory," Kauto continues.

In collaboration with Solarigo Systems Oy, Teknoware initiated its solar power project leading to 638 solar panels being installed on the roof of Teknoware's assembly plant in Lahti in October 2023. The solar power plant started producing electricity in the spring of 2024 as sunlight levels began to increase.

- We set a target of meeting around 20% of the building's future energy needs from our own solar power-generated electricity. We installed real-time monitoring in the solar power plant to see what is actually happening, so it will be interesting now to watch and see how the production develops," concludes Kauto.

Teknoware solar power plant in figures

The Teknoware rooftop solar power plant consists of six hundred and thirty-eight 435 Wp N-Type solar panels. The plant produces around 227 MWh of solar power-generated electricity per year, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of fifteen electrically-heated detached houses or 150 studio apartments. Carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 20,200 kg per year. This reduction in carbon dioxide is calculated on the basis of Motiva's average carbon dioxide coefficient of emissions from electricity production (89 kg/MWh).

(Source: Solarigo Systems Oy)

Solarigo Systems Oy

Solarigo Systems Oy is a Finnish energy company specializing in large solar power plants. Since 2015, we have been supplying solar electricity to our corporate customers and have installed over 250 local power plants. In the construction of utiltiy scale solar parks, we are involved in all phases from project development to electricity sales. We now have about 50 permanent solar power professionals in Pirkkala, Jyväskylä, and Seinäjoki