New automatic painting line installed at Teknoware Poland

Teknoware Poland successfully completed the installation of a new automatic painting line in their production facilities. The new painting line will offer significant benefits to customers in the form of enhanced product quality and shorter lead times.

The painting line was designed by a Polish company specialized in automatic and robotic painting technologies. It consists of a workpiece cleaning station, a 3D scanner, a painting robot, a paint drying zone equipped with air circulation and filtration, and a multi-shelf dryer. The painting robot's head is equipped with five guns—four for oscillating work and one for painting hard-to-reach surfaces. The drying chamber has the same capacity as a conventional drying tunnel with a length of more than 130 metres.

Combining consecutive painting stages into a single computer-controlled cycle results in an almost entirely automated corrosion protection process. This level of automation has standardized quality and significantly reduced the duration of the process.

Another aspect worthy of mention is the ventilation and heat exchange system. Heat pumps maintain the temperature in the drying unit at an optimal level, while an air handling unit improves ventilation in the room, and the ventilation system upholds the proper pressure within the paint shop. This solution guarantees notable electricity savings by reclaiming and utilizing the heat generated during production to heat the room through ventilation ducts.

This investment has enabled the company to have full control over the painting process, increase quality, shorten production times, and reduce costs. These improvements allow Teknoware to provide customers with competitive pricing and shorter lead times for parts.

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