Clarion Hotel, Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, Finland

Nordic Choice Hotels opened the Clarion Helsinki Airport hotel near to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in October 2016. The hotel's Exit and Emergency Lights are central monitored by Teknoware's wireless Aalto Control system. The Aalto Control system is operated by Teknoware's Aalto Wireless Coordinator, TST5103.

The hotel's Emergency Exit Lighting is implemented with the ESCAP ESC 80 Emergency Exit Lights with the Aalto Control system. Emergency lighting is implemented with ESCAP (super capacitors as power source) Self-Testing Emergency Lights: surface-mounted Zonespot II Lowbay, surface-mounted Zonespot II Midbay, recess-mounted Zonespot II Lowbay, recess-mounted Linespot II Lowbay, and surface-mounted Linespot II Lowbay.